Who Can Do A California VIN Verification?

Who Can Do A California VIN Verification?There are 4 entities that can do a California VIN Verification:

  1. The California DMV. Click here to locate your nearest location
  2. AAA (AAA has northern and southern. Click here to locate your nearest locations: AAA of Southern California or AAA of Northern California
  3. The California Highway Patrol. Click here to locate your nearest location
  4. Private VIN verifiers – like Quick VIN Verification. Click here to see if we service your area

Per the California DMV’s website:

Authorized Vehicle Verifiers are:

  1. DMV employees.
  2. Peace officers including military police (California Penal Code §830).
  3. Employees of auto clubs that provide registration services. Auto club verifiers must include the abbreviation of their auto club name with their signature.
  4. Persons licensed as vehicle verifiers by DMV.

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