How Long Does A VIN Verification Take?

how long does a vin verification take?

How Long Does a VIN Verification Take?

In my experience, the average time to perform a VIN Verification takes 5-10 minutes. The amount of time to perform a VIN verification will depend on a few factors:

  1. What type of unit is being verified:
    1. Automobiles: are usually straightforward and take roughly 5 minutes to inspect. You have to locate the public VIN, the federal label, the odometer, the emissions label and document the year make and model.
    2. Trailers: are usually straightforward and are by far the easiest to verify. You must locate the public VIN and the federal label only.
    3. Commercial units: these could take a little bit longer to inspect because manufacturers don’t always put the labels for emissions or VIN tags in the same places. Also, you may have to climb on top of tires to locate certain labels that are only accessible this way.
  2. Where the vehicle is located:
    1. If the vehicle is located in an area where it is very difficult to inspect, where you have to jump over things, climb over things, or where you cannot open the door – this will definitely increase the amount of time it takes to get it done.
    2. If the vehicle has items covering it that impede the inspection.
  3. The weather:
    1. If it’s wet/rainy we cannot fill out the form as we are inspecting the vehicle. We would have to take photographs of the things we need and then fill out the form in a place where there isn’t any rain.
    2. If it’s too hot the metal on the vehicle may be so hot that we have to use gloves or

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