VIN Verification Form – REG 31

Today we will breakdown the VIN verification form, officially known as the REG 31 form. As of today, the latest version of this form is 10/2018. We will do this from top to bottom, & front and back.

reg 31 form - not to be completed by applicant

The top of the form establishes who can, and cannot complete this form: DMV representative, California licensed vehicle verifier, authorized auto club employee, or peace officer.

It also establishes that the vehicle must be physically inspected and assembled vehicles.

And finally, it tells us that we must fill this form out LEGIBLY, with blue or black ink. (You can’t use your favorite purple marker to fill this form out).

reg 31 form - warning

The next section of the form states one of the most important things of this form: there cannot be any mistakes, cross-outs, white-outs or blanks. I tell my staff the form has to be perfect – there can’t be any indecision or confusion or doubt that the form was done correctly – it’s either done correctly or it’s not!

reg 31 form - plate axles and fuel

The next section of the form is the first field that needs to be populated as the vehicle is being inspected. This section documents the plate, number of axles, and fuel type.

reg 31 form - vehicle identification number

This next section documents the all-important vehicle identification number. Additionally, this section documents the all-important category, such as automobile, commercial, permanent trailer, or coach trailer, to list a few.

reg 31 form - engine number BTM year

The next section documents the engine number, which is for motorcycles and certain off-highway vehicles. Additionally, it documents the BTM (body type model) which is located at the back of the form, and the year.

reg 31 - make model length and width

This next section documents the make, model, gross vehicle weight rating, number of wheels and length and width of a coach trailer or motorhome.

reg 31 - vin location attached by and type

This next section documents the VIN location, how it is affixed/attached to the vehicle/trailer and what it is made out of. The following picture is an example of a VIN for a 1978 Mercedes Benz 6.9. It’s located on the door frame, attached by rosette rivets, and it is a metal plate:

vin plate for mercedes benz
reg 31 - vin condition and model year

This section addresses the condition of the vehicle identification number. Below I’ll show you an example of an easily identifiable VIN vs one that is very hard to read. This section also addresses how the year was determined.

reg 31 - US Federal Certification Label Status

This section addresses the US Federal Certificate Label Status – if your vehicle is 1970 or newer – it must have one present. Otherwise, it has to go to the CHP. Below I’ll show you an example of a federal label.

reg 31 - federal safety label
reg 31 - odometer

This section deals with the odometer reading – the only time this section isn’t straightforward is when the reading exceeds 999,999.

reg 31 - supporting ownership document

This section asks for you to indicate which document was used to compare the VIN on the vehicle and whether or not it agrees with the VIN.

reg 31 - emissions label

This section deals with the emissions label. Some vehicles have them and some do not – depending on the year. Trailers do not have emissions labels. However, all-electric vehicles do have emissions labels.

reg 31 - emissions label indicates
reg 31 - remarks emissions label test group

This section is the remarks section – it allows you to address certain issues here. Additionally, you can describe the vehicle here and put the emissions label test group or engine family number.

This section is where the vehicle verifier’s information is written and where the address where the unit was verified is indicated.

reg 31 - statement of facts

This section is only to be signed when the VIN on the vehicle does not match VIN on your paperwork. 95% of clients do not need to sign this

reg 31 - BTM codes

This section of the REG 31 form is on the back of it – it is where all the codes are to describe the vehicle or trailer.

reg 31 - vehicle model year

This section is where all the codes and their respective years are to indicate the year.

This section shows the code for each fuel type.

reg 31 - important notes

Finally, this section is important to read for any vehicle verifier: it gives you instructions, do’s and don’ts, and other really important information. This is a must-read.

If you want more of your questions answered please read my Guide to Vin Verifications below.

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  • I have lost the title to my trailer and I am trying to file for one but I need to get a VIN inspection and understand that I need a form to do so. I have tried for about 5 hrs all together to schedule an appointment and I can’t seem to get the website to work for me to do so. I am asking if this is the right place to have you send me the form that I need?

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