VIN Verification by Peace Officer

vin verification peace officer

Throughout the years of doing VIN verifications one question that pops up here and there is “can my cop buddy do my vin verification” or “my friend’s a cop, he can do this for me for free”. If you are fortunate enough to be friends with someone in law enforcement, the answer to this question is yes. 

However, there is a caveat. Per the VIN verification form, and in my personal experience, the peace officer has to be properly trained to perform vehicle verifications. Being authorized to do a VIN verification is one thing, but being trained on how to properly complete the form is another. Even a CHP officer’s verification form can be rejected by the DMV if it is not properly completed.

I want to further clarify that by far the #1 authority when it comes to VIN verifications in Los Angeles is the CHP (California Highway Patrol).  They have a division completely dedicated to VIN verifications and also have highly specialized and trained individuals to conduct these inspections. However, not all CHP officers are trained to do these inspections.

So before asking your cop buddy to fill out this form for you, make sure they are trained to do so, or, just give us a call and have us properly do the job for you!

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