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For most people, a VIN verification in Los Angeles, CA is something that you will need once in your lifetime. Any time you bring in a vehicle from another state or country you will need to have a VIN inspection form submitted with your application to get it titled and registered in California. 

Fortunately for you there are several options to get one done, but do you need an appointment to get one, and how do I set one up?

  1. Appointments & requirements for a DMV vin verification: You must pay the registration fees PRIOR to getting your VIN verification done. Once you have paid your fees you can drive up to any DMV and get your inspection done on the spot. You must have your paperwork in hand or the VIN verifier will not perform the inspection. You do not need an appointment once you have paid your fees. Click here to find a DMV field office near you.

  2. Appointments & requirements for a AAA vin verification: You must be an active member of AAA to be able to be seen by them, otherwise, you do not need an appointment. It’s a walk-up system and you need to wait in line on a first come first serve basis. Click here to find a location near you.

  3. Appointments & requirements for a CHP vin verification: When it comes to the CHP, not only are you required to make an appointment, but you are also required to be referred to the CHP by the DMV – meaning, you must go through the DMV first before you go to the CHP. The CHP will do your inspections if you fall under certain criteria – you must be sent there by the DMV for a specific reason. Click here to find your local CHP office. Also, click here if you want to read up on CHP vin verifications.

  4. Appointments & requirements for a licensed vehicle verifier verification: When it comes to private companies that do VIN verifications like Quick VIN Verification and other companies like us you do NOT need an appointment. You can walk-in and get it done, usually within 5-10 minutes. However, you do need to schedule an appointment for the mobile service.

    Call our company today to schedule your appointment for VIN Verification in Los Angeles.

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