Partnership Program

My name is Uni – the owner of Quick VIN Verification. I have been a VIN verifier for the last 7 years. We currently have 3 offices located in Southern California – Torrance, La Puente, and Riverside. In addition to a full-fledged VIN verification service, we are also a registration service.

My website generates many visits and leads from all over California – including other states. There are people who contact me from cities and counties that I cannot travel to – this is where the partnership program arises. 

I am seeking a business that wants to grow their VIN verification service- who has the vision and understands the need for this service in California. For certain people this program will pay for itself within the first day of appointments. There is a very big void in certain counties and I am looking for that right business partner to fill that need!

Our company generates leads in your county and forwards  these leads to you via text & e-mail. You in turn do what you always have been doing: schedule the appointment, do the VIN verification, and get paid.

We will bill you on a monthly basis. The cost for this referral program will depend on the volume of leads generated. Some counties have less volume than others, and will therefore be less of a monthly charge.

There are a few key requirements:

  1. You must be a full time VIN verifier or have a full time VIN verifier on your staff – we are looking for businesses who are dedicated and invested into the VIN verification aspect of their business.
  2. You must have a physical location.
  3. You must respond to leads immediately. We give you HOT leads right away – it will not work if you respond hours or a day later.
  4. You do not compete in the areas that my company services.

Currently we are looking for partners in the following counties:

  • Kern County
  • San Luis Obispo
  • Santa Barbara
  • Ventura
  • Los Angeles County

This all depends on you – because each verifier will charge what they feel is appropriate for their service. Furthermore, each county has different leads volumes that will generate less or more income.

We offer a 1 month free trial so that you can gauge if this will work for you. We have an excellent tracking system that will allow us to keep a record of how many phone calls and leads you got for that month.

Send me an email to This opportunity is for serious people only who understand the potential in having a VIN verification business – this is not a side hustle. It has the potential to feed your family and augment your existing registration service’s income.