CHP VIN Verification

There's a high likeliness that if you are looking up "CHP VIN Verification" that we cannot help you. If you are referred to the CHP by the DMV - we CANNOT help you. However, it will not prevent me from letting you know a few things about the CHP VIN Verification. First and foremost, the CHP officer that performs and specializes in VIN verification is a highly trained and specialized individual - they are not the same guy that is patrolling the highways - these people have taken several classes and courses that have enabled them to develop an eye for things that neither AAA employees, DMV employees, or private VIN Verifiers like ourselves can catch. The reason for this training is to be able to catch fraudsters and scammers and in essence to protect the public. Here's a list of a few things you need to know about the CHP VIN Verification:

  • The CHP officer verifies, through receipts, invoices and other means, that the vehicle was not reconstructed with used parts from stolen vehicles.
  • The CHP officer looks for possible VIN swapping.
  • The CHP is authorized to place a new VIN on the unit, (blue tagging).
  • To see the CHP, you must be referred to them by the DMV. You cannot drive up to a CHP and get a VIN verification on the spot, for the most part. Depending on the county, some CHP offices are busier than others, and could take weeks or months to be seen.
  • The CHP officer is trained in locating secondary VIN locations, and are not allowed to disclose them.
  • The CHP officer will not inspect an incomplete vehicle, unless a part has to be removed in order for the VIN to be identified.
  • There's a special CHP office in San Bernardino that inspects specific years, makes and models. These models will automatically go to the CHP because of their higher probability of theft and or parts swapping.
  • The form the CHP gives you is CHP 97C when the inspection is complete.
  • The CHP can hold your registration/titling process and have the power to place a VLT stop.
  • Vehicles without a Federal Label are referred to the CHP.
  • Motorcycles with unavailable records will automatically go to the CHP.

If there is more to add to this list, only a CHP officer knows! Many people freak out when it's time to go to the CHP, but the truth is, it is rare when things "go bad" at the CHP - if it does go bad, it's for a reason! One last thing, once you are referred to the CHP - do not look for a way around it - it will always catch up to you.