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The USS Battleship Iowa Museum in Los Angeles


The USS Iowa is a retired United States Navy battleship that now serves as a museum ship. The Iowa was the lead ship of her class of battleships and was the first ship in the U.S. Navy to be named in honor of the state of Iowa. She was also the only ship of her class to have served in both World War II and the Korean War. 


The USS Iowa is located at the Los Angeles Waterfront near downtown San Pedro, California. The ship’s main deck is at an elevation of 50 feet (15 m) above sea level, and her bow and stern are each about 52 feet (16 m) above the waterline. Visitors can tour most of the inner rooms of the ship, including the Captain’s cabin, officers’ wardroom, bunkrooms, gun turrets, sickbay, engine room, and mess decks. 


The museum also features several interactive exhibits, such as a virtual reality tour of a World War II dogfight and a “D-Day Experience” where visitors can relive the Normandy landings from the perspective of an infantryman. There is also an exhibit on life aboard a World War II submarine. In addition to tours of the ship itself, the museum offers tours of its extensive collection of memorabilia and artifacts. 


The USS Battleship Iowa Museum is a must-see for any history buff or enthusiast looking for a unique experience. Located in Los Angeles, California, this museum offers something for everyone with its wide variety of interactive exhibits and tours. Whether you’re interested in learning about life on board a submarine during World War II or reliving the Normandy landings from a soldier’s perspective, the USS Battleship Iowa Museum has you covered. So what are you waiting for? Head on down to San Pedro and check it out!

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