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The Tower Theatre in Fresno County

The Historic Tower Theatre in Fresno County

Located in downtown Fresno, the Tower Theatre is a historical landmark and an integral part of Fresno County’s history. Built in 1939, it was one of the first theaters to show movies and concerts with sound. Since then, it has been renovated multiple times and continues to be an important cultural center for the people of Fresno County.

The History of the Tower Theatre
The Tower Theatre opened in 1939 as a state-of-the-art movie theater. With a seating capacity of over 1,000 people, it was one of the largest theaters in California at that time. It quickly became popular with locals and tourists alike, offering first-run Hollywood films as well as live performances from some of the biggest names in entertainment. Over the years, it has hosted musical acts such as Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles, Louis Armstrong and more.

Renovations & Current Events
In 2003, local developer Terance Frazier purchased the theater with plans to restore it to its former glory. After extensive renovations over the next several years, he reopened the theater in 2007 with a modern touch while still preserving its historic charm. The theater now hosts live music events on a regular basis and shows classic films on special occasions. It is also available for private bookings such as weddings and corporate events.

Community Involvement
The Tower Theatre is deeply involved in Fresno’s community life by providing educational programs to local students and hosting free screenings for senior citizens each month. Each year they also host an annual charity benefit which supports arts education programs for children at area schools. Additionally, they frequently host fundraisers that benefit local organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and various animal rescue groups.

The Tower Theatre is an important part of Fresno County’s history that serves both as an entertainment venue and a vital community resource. Its commitment to preserving its past while embracing modern technology makes it a unique destination for visitors from all around California and beyond! Whether you are looking for something fun to do on a Saturday night or just want to take part in some meaningful community outreach programs; there’s something for everyone at this beloved historical landmark!

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