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Lyon Air Museum in Orange County

A Quick Tour of the Lyon Air Museum in Orange County, CA

Nestled away in a small industrial park in Santa Ana, California is the Lyon Air Museum. The museum is dedicated to vintage World War II aircraft and automobiles. Although it may be small, the museum packs a big punch with its collection of restored military vehicles and memorabilia.

Lyon Air Museum was founded by Major General William Lyons, who was an avid collector of World War II aircraft. The museum contains several aircraft that were flown by Lyons during his military career, as well as vehicles that he owned after the war. The collection also includes a variety of other military vehicles and artifacts from the World War II era.

Highlights of the Lyon Air Museum Collection
One of the highlights of the museum is a restored Douglas DC-3A airliner that was used during World War II to transport troops and supplies. TheDC-3 was nicknamed “The Gooney Bird” by the troops because of its unique appearance. The plane has been restored to its original condition and is on display in the museum hangar.

Another highlight of the museum is a B-17 bomber plane that was shot down during a mission over Germany during World War II. The plane crash-landed in Switzerland, where it remained until it was brought to the United States and restored. The plane is on display outside of the hangar and is one of the most popular attractions at the museum.

The museum also contains a number of Military vehicles, including jeeps, tanks, and trucks. There are also a variety of artifacts on display, such as uniforms, medals, weapons, and more.

The Lyon Air Museum is a great place to visit for anyone interested in World War II history or vintage airplanes and automobiles. The museum contains a wide variety of aircraft, vehicles, and artifacts from the era. Visitors can see firsthand what life was like during wartime and learn about some of the heroic acts that were performed during the conflict.