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Hsi Lai Temple in San Gabriel Valley

Hsi Lai Temple- A Hidden Gem in the San Gabriel Valley

When most people think about the San Gabriel Valley, the first thing that comes to mind is certainly not temples. However, nestled away in the city of Hacienda Heights is the beautiful Hsi Lai Temple. This hidden gem is definitely worth a visit the next time you find yourself with some free time in the SGV.

Hsi Lai Temple was founded in 1987 by Venerable Master Hsing Yun, a renowned teacher and leader of the Fo Guang Shan order of Buddhism. The temple spans 15 acres and includes several pagodas, gardens, and courtyards. The main hall of the temple can accommodate up to 1,000 people and is decorated with intricately carved wooden beams and priceless works of art.

The temple offers a variety of ways for visitors to get involved and learn more about Buddhism. There are meditation classes, dharma talks, and opportunities to join in on group chanting. The temple also offers an array of cultural events throughout the year including Chinese New Year celebrations, lotus lantern festivals, and much more!

If you find yourself looking for something different to do next time you’re in the SGV, be sure to check out Hsi Lai Temple. This hidden gem is a beautiful oasis that is sure to leave you feeling calm and refreshed. With its numerous gardens, pagodas, and cultural offerings, there is something for everyone at Hsi Lai Temple.

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