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What is the name of the VIN verification form in Arizona?

The form is 48-4503. Here’s a link to the form:

Level 1 Inspections

Level I inspections are performed when required at MVD (Motor Vehicle Division) offices or by authorized law enforcement personnel for specific purposes, such as title-only requests, bonded titles, and certain out-of-state/country vehicles lacking proof of title and/or registration. The majority of vehicles undergo this inspection successfully and get verified at this stage.

Level 2 Inspections

This inspection is exclusively carried out at ADOT ECD inspection locations. When certain circumstances arise, a secondary inspection is conducted by a peace officer to verify additional Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) for accurate vehicle identification. The cost of this inspection is $20, and if an Arizona assigned number is issued, a $5 fee will be added. Level II vehicle inspections must be scheduled in advance, and you can make an appointment online at for the most suitable date, time, and location.

In some instances where a Level II inspection has been performed, a subsequent evaluation may indicate the necessity for a Level III inspection. In such cases, an extra fee of $30 will be required.

Level II/III inspections are performed at Enforcement and Compliance Division (ECD) Inspection locations.

Level 3 Inspections

Only a peace officer at ADOT ECD inspection locations can conduct the highest level inspection. The cost for this Level III inspection is $50. To have a Level III vehicle inspection done, you must make an appointment in advance. You can schedule the appointment conveniently online by visiting and selecting the date, time, and location that suits you best.

Level III inspections are compulsory under specific circumstances, such as when a vehicle is a restored salvage, a recovered stolen vehicle, or has been involved in a collision. The purpose of this inspection is to verify all major component parts, including the front-end assembly, engine, transmission, and rear-end assembly for trucks and truck-type vehicles. This thorough inspection ensures that the vehicle is suitable for highway use.

Level II/III inspections are performed at Enforcement and Compliance Division (ECD) Inspection locations.

Abandoned Vehicle Inspections

If you plan to acquire an abandoned vehicle, it is essential to have it inspected. To obtain further details regarding the inspection’s location and schedule for the abandoned vehicle, please get in touch with one of these locations.

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