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Angel Stadium in Orange County

A Brief History of Angel Stadium in Orange County, California

Built in 1966, Angel Stadium has been the home of the Los Angeles Angels baseball team for over 50 years. The stadium has undergone many renovations and is now one of the most modern and comfortable ballparks in Major League Baseball. Here’s a brief history of Angel Stadium.

The Early Years: 1966-1979
Angel Stadium originally opened in 1966 as Anaheim Stadium. It was built as a multipurpose facility to accommodate both baseball and football. The first MLB game was played on April 19, 1966, when the Angels faced the Chicago White Sox. The Angels won that game by a score of 9-0.

The following year, the stadium played host to the 1967 All-Star Game. In 1968, Anaheim Stadium was the home field for the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams for one season before they moved to Inglewood. From 1979 to 1980, the stadium underwent its first renovation.

The Modern Era: 1980-Present
In 1980, Anaheim Stadium was renamed Angels Stadium of Anaheim. The following year, it became the exclusive home of the Angels after the Rams left for St. Louis. In 1996, another renovation project added 6,700 seats and a new JumboTron scoreboard.

The most recent renovation took place from 1998 to 1999 and added 10,000 more seats, luxury suites, and a concrete base around the entire stadium to prevent sinkholes (which had been an issue in previous years). These renovations brought capacity up to 45,483.

Over its 50+ year history, Angel Stadium has undergone many changes. It has been home to two professional sports teams and has hosted numerous other events such as concerts and monster truck rallies. Today, it is one of the most comfortable and modern ballparks in all of Major League Baseball. If you’re ever in Orange County during baseball season, be sure to catch a game at Angel Stadium!