VIN Verification in San Bernardino

Why Quick VIN Verifications?

Our mobile team can drive to you, morning, noon & night to service you in your area locally. We have a dedicated staff of mobile VIN verifiers ready to come when you call. We are San Bernardino’s #1 choice when it is time to get your VIN verification done. In addition, our knowledgeable staff can help you answer & fix your DMV related questions or problems.

Need More Reasons?

  1. DMV has appointment only service or limited service only
  2. We come to you at your convenience where you need us to go
  3. There is NO waiting – there are NO lines – you’re always first

VIN Verification in San Bernardino CA

When you need a VIN verification you no longer need to look to the Department of Motor Vehicles as the place to get it done. There are more convenient options for you to choose from. In addition to being convenient, they are near concierge-level of service that can be provided to you in San Bernardino County. Our customers don’t even have to be there to get the inspection done; there are customers that stay inside their homes while we inspect their vehicle; and some people just sit there while our vehicle verifier gets the services done; and there are those who use our services for units parked at mobile home parks. We make it easy. Many people have many questions when they are told by the DMV that they need a VIN verification. Today we aim to address those common questions.

Why do I need a VIN verification?

The DMV will require you to get a VIN verification any time you bring in an out of state car, truck, trailer, or motorcycle. In addition to the smog, it is an inspection that they require you to have along with your out of state title. Aside from bringing in an out of state vehicle there are other reason the DMV may require you to get one, those reasons are listed below:

  1. Your vehicle was previously reported stolen, and now they want to confirm that you have possession of your vehicle.
  2. You may have had your vehicle at a tow yard, and they may have initiated a lien sale on it, that is another situation in which you will need a California VIN verification to confirm you have possession.
  3. There are also situations where the IRP (international registration program) will require that you have your VIN verification done so that they can confirm the mileage of your commercial vehicle.
  4. Another very common reason you may need the services of a vehicle verifier in San Bernardino is that you had a vehicle that has fallen off the DMV database and requires a VIN verification to be re-introduced into the system.
  5. Body type changes: if your vehicle gets a camper shell put on it, or you’re changing from a box truck to a flat bed truck.

What does a VIN verifier look for during the inspection?

The DMV cannot see all the cars that come into the state – it is physically impossible. What the DMV has us do, as a VIN verifier, is fill out the form called the REG31 form. As a VIN verifier, we are to document the VIN number of the vehicle, the plate, the number of axles, wheels, year, make and model, mileage, and to confirm whether or not it has a Federal Safety Label or an Emissions Label. In addition, a VIN verifier will document the location where the inspection was done and if there is anything that needs to be noted in the notes section. If you think about it, this is a very important inspection because it confirms that the car actually exists, and second, that the VIN number on the vehicle itself matches the VIN number on the title. The job of a vehicle verifier is simple, but very important. It is why there are statements on the form that state, “Under penalty of perjury”. We are 1 level of the gatekeeping against fraud. To become a Vehicle verifier you need to be bonded, fingerprinted and fill out an application – for those that have had issues in the past with breaking certain laws you may not be able to become a vehicle verifier.

Who can do a VIN verification for me?

San Bernardino CA residents have several options available to them. Below I will briefly describe them for you.

  1. Private VIN verifier like Quick VIN Verifications: benefits are we are mobile, and we can meet you at any location, any time you set.
  2. AAA: If you are a member, this service is included, so there is no additional cost, the service & wait time is usually far better than what the DMV can provide. They are NOT mobile.
  3. DMV: You must go to their location to do it, you don’t have to wait in their regular line, however, there is a line if there is someone there before you. They are NOT mobile
  4. CHP Officer: You must go to their location, however, in some rare instances and under special circumstances, you can have them come to you. There is a massive wait time depending on which county you’re located in. The benefit is that they are the ultimate authority on VIN verifications – so you won’t waste time on any back and forth, once they do it you’re set. But they ONLY see cars that fall under specific criteria and will not see you for just your standard VIN verification.

Where are the places i can go to get a VIN verification in San Bernardino Ca?

  1. Call Quick VIN Verifications and we come to you, any time you need us to come (951) 394-7012
  2. AAA: 27889 Base Line St, Highland, CA 92346 –
  3. DMV: 1310 N Waterman Aver, San Bernardino, CA 92404 –
  4. CHP: 2211 Western Ave, San Bernardino, CA 92411 –

What types of units can you inspect?

  1. Cars/standard automobiles
  2. Trucks/large commercial units
  3. Trailers, both permanent trailers and coach trailers
  4. Motorcycles, including trikes
  5. Off high-way vehicles
  6. Vessells/boats

How much does a VIN verification service cost?

The cost for you to get a VIN verification directly tied to who you decide to do business with. Below i will list the County Rate Fee:

  1. Quick VIN Verifications: $67 for the city of San Bernardino,
  2. AAA: Cost is included in membership, must be a member first, minimum is roughly $44
  3. DMV: No cost
  4. CHP: No cost

How do a schedule an appointment?

  1. Quick VIN Verifications: call us @ (951) 394-7012 or visit our website here
  2. AAA: Walk-in service, no appointment
  3. DMV: Walk-in service, no appointment
  4. CHP: appointment ONLY – must call, email or walkin to schedule

Why Should I Choose You When I can get it for Free?

The simple answer to this question is this: time, convenience, headache-free. Traffic in San Bernardino CA is getting worse and worse by the month! If time is more valuable to you above anything else, you need to call us. We make getting this done for you with one of our VIN verifiers predictable: you know what time they will come and on what day. Your business is done with us in less than 10 minutes usually. Another major reason the people chose us over the DMV is that we make it easier for you to get it done, as opposed to making it more complicated. A service like ours exists for the very simple reason that people do not like doing business directly with the DMV or they just make it too complicated. We have no issues with verifying your oversized units, or hopping a fence to get to the car, or coming in early in the morning or a little later at night to make it convenient for you. Plain and simply, we are better.

Another reason, look at what our customers are saying about our vehicle verifier Darrell: “I am always filtering vehicles in and out of CA. Darrell is my go-to VIN verifier! He is always on time.”

What Scenarios Exist In Which Services Like Ours Cannot Help me?

If your vehicle is salvage, junked or you have a motorcycle with no record in California – you will automatically have to go through the DMV or CHP. Some unscrupulous VIN verifier out there will pretend not to know this detail just so they can get the money out of you, but that is not how we do business. We are here to help our communities not to violate their trust by getting charges out of them for something they can’t use – so beware!

What Other Counties do you Service?

Aside from servicing you in Your County we also service the following counties:

  1. Parts of Northern San Diego
  2. Parts of Eastern Los Angeles
  3. Riverside County
  4. Orange County

Aside from San Bernardino, what other cities do you service in the County?

  1. Lucerne Valley
  2. Homestead Valley
  3. Morongo Valley
  4. Searles Valley
  5. Johnson Valley
  6. San Antonio Heights
  7. Wonder Valley
  8. Twentynine Palms
  9. Moreno Valley
  10. Mountain View Acres
  11. Loma Linda
  12. Angelus Oaks
  13. Arrowhead farms
  14. Rancho Cucamonga
  15. Oak Hills
  16. Pinon Hills
  17. Newberry Springs
  18. Running SPrings
  19. Red Mountain
  20. Sante Fe SPrings
  21. Cedar Glen
  22. Oak Glen
  23. Oro Grande
  24. Kramer Junction
  25. Mount Baldy
  26. Lake Arrowhead
  27. Vidal Junction
  28. Lytle Creek
  29. Nebo Center
  30. Forest Falls
  31. Fort Irwin
  32. Joshua Tree
  33. Twin Peaks
  34. Palms Base
  35. Big Bear Lake
  36. Grand Terrace
  37. Apple Valley
  38. Chino Hills
  39. Yucca Valley
  40. Spring Valley Lake
  41. Big Bear City
  42. Baldwin Lake
  43. Big River
  44. Valley of Enchantment
  45. Moreno Valley

I have more questions

If you have more questions about our services & business please give us a call or email us and we can help you get those questions answered – 95% of the services we provide for our customers are kosher and straightforward, but for the other 5% you may have questions, please drop us a line!

Still Not Convinced?

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