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VIN Verification in Aliso Viejo, California

Aliso Viejo residents who need a VIN verification are not limited to having to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles. For your convenience & lifestyle there are more suitable alternatives for you that make it a lot easier for you to satisfy the Department of Motor Vehicles requirements for registering your car, truck, trailer or off-highway vehicle. In this article we aim to answer some of the most common questions when it comes to getting your VIN verification done Orange County.

First, what is a California VIN verification?

A VIN verification is a California DMV inspection required to get your out of state vehicle registered in the California DMV database. It is a physical inspection of the vehicle - this inspection is documented on the REG31 / VIN verifier form.

Second, what does a vehicle verifier look for when doing California VIN Verifications?

A vehicle verifier looks follows the REG31 form from top to bottom, and fills out the sections as they go along. Several of those things that are required to be documented are the vehicle year, make and model, the VIN, the VIN location, the number of wheels, the number of axles, the license plate on the vehicle, the fuel type the vehicle uses, the status of the US Federal Certification Label and the Odometer reading. In addition to this we document the type of vehicle it is, such as a commercial, automobile, permanent trailer, coach trailer or motorcycle. Here are a few photos of what we saw on this 2017 Lamborghini Huracan.


Third, why do I need a California VIN verification?

The VIN Verification process is exactly as it says, to verify the vehicle identification number of the vehicle. This process ensures that the vehicle actually exists (not just on paper), and second, that the vehicle identification number on the vehicle itself matches what is on the title. To obtain a VIN verifier's license is inexpensive and relatively easy - the training to become a verifier is minimal, however, the task that a Socal VIN verification entails is very important in protecting the public against theft, fraud and any other type of illegal things some people want to try to do. It's a preventative measure to facilitate catching activity that is fraudulent. As an example, let's say that you have a Vehicle with VIN number 1GCEC1111XXXXXXX, and there's already a vehicle with that same VIN number in the CA DMV data base or another state's DMV - this is an automatic trigger that there is something wrong. I would like to consider a vehicle verifier a gatekeeper against fraud to many degrees.

Requirements to Register an Out of State Vehicles in California

In addition to offer verification services for your vehicles we are closely associated with a registration service called Quick Auto Tags - call them to get your vehicle licensed & titled. Listed below are some of the other requirements & documents you will need to get your vehicle registered in California:

  1. Your out of state title, MSO (manufacturer's statement of origin), or registration card (if you're only registering your car).
  2. For all gas powered & some diesel powered vehicles, you must get a smog.
  3. For commercial vehicles, pickup trucks (this includes small pickups, like El Caminos) you must get a California Weight-master Certificate.
  4. For all cars, trucks, coach trailers and most PTI trailers (some exceptions apply with PTI trailers)
  5. PTI trailer exception: If you have a brand new trailer that falls within the permanent trailer category, and it has an MSO, and it was purchased out of state, you will not have to get one

Other Reasons I May Need a California VIN verification?

The VIN verification process is mostly used for bringing in vehicles that are not in the DMV database into the DMV system, however, it is also used for other reasons by the DMV and other entities. Below I will list a few of those scenarios:

  1. Vehicle was in a tow yard, the tow yard initiated a lien sale, the owner of the vehicle has recovered their vehicle from the tow yard but there is a lien authorized on file. To lift the lien authorized the DMV uses the VIN verification process to confirm that the registered owner has recovered their vehicle and has physical possession of the vehicle once again.
  2. You have a large commercial truck registered through IRP (international registration program). The IRP unit wants you to get a VIN verification to confirm the mileage (this process documents the mileage for them).
  3. Your vehicle is being converted from one type of vehicle to another (change in body type model). An example of this is, you have a 2021 Ram 3500 that is registered as a pickup, but now you put a camper shell on it, and it is now a pickup mounted camper (PM) changing it into an automobile.
  4. Your vehicle has fallen off of the DMV system and it needs to be re-introduced into the DMV system. (Our parent company Quick Auto Tags is a license registration service and can help you out with this).
  5. The VIN on my car does not match the VIN on my title - this is a simple fix that the California verification process can fix this.

Verifying Multiple Vehicles

Some individuals or companies may have multiple vehicles to get a vehicle verification on. For this scenario, by far, the #1 solution is to have a mobile VIN verifier come to your location and get all your VIN verification done. Call us to make an appointment: 714-627-9211


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What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

Quick VIN Verifications accepts cash, check, Zelle, Venmo, credit cards or debit card.

Can You Help Me with My Motor Vehicle Transaction?

Our parent company is a licensed registration service - so if you have questions that go beyond the VIN verification inspection then you can call Quick Auto Tags @ 951-409-9091.

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