VIN Verification in Lake Arrowhead

Why Choose Quick VIN Verifications?

VIN verifications take between 5-10 minutes to complete for our licensed & bonded team of VIN verifiers – IF you choose Quick VIN verifications. However, if you go the DMV route, it could take hours: time to drive the car, truck or trailer down the hill from Lake Arrowhead; time it may take to have a DMV employee inspect the vehicle; and the potential that it was all for nothing. We take that time you could’ve wasted and give it back to you . At night, there are a billion reasons in the sky to stay home and enjoy the beauty – skip the DMV – let us take care of your VIN verification needs.

Need More Reasons? What the DMV or CHP Won't Do For You..

  1. DMV has appointment only service or limited service only – they will not let you just drive up any more
  2. The DMV or CHP will NOT drive to you to complete the inspection.
  3. With both the DMV or CHP there is a wait. In the case of the CHP it’s week’s worth of waiting. In the case of the DMV you never know what you will get.

What is a VIN verification or a VIN verifier?

If you’re reading this it’s probably your first Google search for “VIN verification” or “vin verifier” after the Department of Motor Vehicles or AAA told you that you need this form completed to register your vehicle. If you are an private car owner, the truth is, you will probably only need to do a vehicle verification once in your lifetime. If you are a company, such as a car rental company, construction company, transportation company or especially a car dealership you may need a VIN verification more than once. Getting your VIN verified is common with companies with many vehicles.

So what is a VIN verification?

it is a California DMV state inspection documented on the REG 31 form that is required to register/title your vehicle. It may also be known as a VIN inspection, VIN number inspection, VIN number form, and other forms of “VIN” validation forms.

What is a VIN verifier?

VIN verifiers can be DMV employees, CHP officers, AAA employees or private VIN verifiers like us.

Why do I need to get a DMV VIN verification?

Many reasons trigger the need for a VIN number inspection, amongst those reasons are the following:

  • You are bringing in a vehicle from another state into the State of California
  • You have a vehicle or trailer that fell off the DMV database after years of inactivity and it needs to be re-introduced into the DMV
  • Your commercial vehicle is registered in the IRP program
  • There is a correction that needs to be made on your vehicle identification number; or there is another correction to be made, such as the year or make.
  • Your vehicle had a lien done it on, and now the DMV needs the VIN verification form completed to verify you have possession of the vehicle.

What is documented on the REG31 form?

  • The vin number, its location, what it is attached by
  • The fuel type, such as gas, diesel, electric
  • The year make and model and Body Type Model [BTM]
  • The Federal label and whether or not it matches the public VIN number [usually on the windshield for most cars]
  • Odometer reading
  • The presence of an emissions label and its compliance to EPA or California emissions standards

What do I need to get a vin verification done?

The vehicle verifier is supposed to physically inspect your car, so whether you do a mobile VIN inspection or you come to our site the car must be present. In addition, you should have a supporting document, such as a title or registration. In some cases, especially when the vehicle was just purchased, this is not possible, however, we can still help you with this. We are not allowed to use photos that you took as a way for us to do a VIN verification – this is prohibited.

Which vehicles or scenarios can we not help you with?

There are few times when our verification vin verifier cannot help you, in those cases only the DMV or CHP can help you. A few of those reasons are:

  1. Federal Certification Label is missing or the Federal Certification Label is damaged.
  2. Your vehicle is salvaged or junked
  3. Your vehicle is a kit car
  4. Your motorcycle has fallen off of the DMV database and has no supporting documents
  5. You have a vehicle with documents from another country

Why choose Quick VIN Verifications or any private VIN number verifier?

When you call us, we make an appointment with you, we accommodate your schedule and we have one of our mobile VIN verifiers help you skip the DMV. Neither the DMV, AAA or the CHP has the mobile VIN verification as an option. Having us come to inspect your VIN number is ideal when you’re in the following situations:

  1. You don’t like the DMV
  2. You do not have the time to take your vehicle to the DMV or AAA
  3. You have multiple vehicles that need to be done and it would be a lot easier and practical for them to get done all at once
  4. You have a business and you have a mobile fleet that is hard to get into one place
  5. Your vehicle or trailer is too large to take to the DMV
  6. Your vehicle is inoperable and taking it on a trailer or tow truck is more expensive and impractical for you.
  7. Your trailer is braced the to ground.
  8. You’re only available weekends.
  9. Your vehicle is at the job site

Which areas does Quick VIN Verification service?

  • Orange County
  • Riverside County
  • San Bernardino County
  • San Diego County
  • Some parts of Los Angeles county

You did my VIN verification, what’s next?

After our licensed vehicle verifier has inspected your VIN number you must take your form back to the DMV field office, AAA office or a private registration company to finalize the transaction that was started. It is important to know that the form has to be original, in blue or black ink, and it cannot be a copy or fax, it must be original, or sent in a digital format. If you need help with the title and registration you can contact our parent company Quick Auto Tags and help you wrap it up – no need to make an appointment – you’ll be the first in line!

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