VIN Verification Form California

Any time you hire someone to do a job or provide a service it is always a good idea to confirm the job was done right. By learning some of these things, you will make sure the form is filled out correctly and you will avoid delays in the registration of your vehicle. Here are 10 things you need to know about the VIN Verification Form:

  1. The name of the form is the REG 31.
  2. The instructions to fill out this form are found on the OL 301.
  3. The form can only be filled out by a DMV employee, CHP or peace officer, AAA employee, or a licensed and approved VIN verifier.
  4. The form must be filled out in blue or black ink and no other color.
  5. There are no white-outs, erasures or initialed corrections - any mistake will void the form out.
  6. Blanks are not allowed on the form - every box must be filled out - the form must be filled out in its entirety. 
  7. The form must be legible.
  8. The form must be hand written .
  9. The back of the VIN Verification form has several codes that will help to decode the type of vehicle it is. These codes include the BTM (the body type model, or, the vehicles configuration), the model year, and the fuel type.
  10. The back of the VIN verification form lists several rules, limitations, regulations and scenarios which will guide you when performing a VIN verification.

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