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Reg 31

This article is written to inform you on the form that is used when you are getting a VIN verification. When you're bringing in a car from another state one of the inspections required for your car's registration is called a VIN verification. There are other reasons why you may need this form & we will address those reasons in this article.

What is a REG 31?

"REG 31" is the official name for the verification form used by the California DMV used to conduct the "VIN Verification" inspection. The most recent version of the REG 31 form was issued on 10/2018.


What is documented on the REG 31 form?

The form documents many things, but above all it documents the vehicle identification number. In addition to the vehicle identification number, the following information is documented:

  1. License plate
  2. Number of axles
  3. Fuel type
  4. Documents whether or not it is a complying or non-complying off-highway vehicle
  5. The vehicle type (automobile, commercial, trailer, motorcycle, off-highway)
  6. The engine number
  7. The Body Type Model (BTM), example, sedand, 2 door, roadster,
  8. The model year, make, model,
  9. The VIN location & the type of material the VIN is attached to.
  10. The US Federal Certification Label Status
  11. The odometer
  12. The emissions label status


Who can complete the REG 31 form?

  1. (AAA) Auto club employee
  2. Private vehicle verifier
  3. Peace officer (mostly California Highway Patrol/CHP)
  4. DMV employee


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Private VIN Verifier


AAA Employees

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DMV Employee


CHP Officers

Who cannot complete the REG 31 form?

There are a few limitations when it comes the REG 31 form, and one of those is that the owner of the car cannot verify his or her own vehicle.

Other limitations

When it comes to salvaged, junked, or motorcycles that don't have any supporting paperwork, private vehicle verifier are prohibited from doing these vehicle verification.

Where can I get a VIN verification?

These inspections can be done at the following locations:

  1. Auto Club employee
  2. CHP office
  3. DMV field office
  4. Private vin verifier business

Do I need to make an appointments?

When it comes to AAA you need to be a member in order for you to get a VIN verification (no appointment needed). When it comes to the DMV you must have all of your paperwork in order before you are seen for the verification of vehicle(no appointment needed). However, the CHP definitely needs an appointment and you must be referred by the DMV prior to going. Private VIN verifiers like Quick VIN Verifications allows walk-ins throughout the day with no appointment. We also do mobile VIN verification of vehicle (we come to you).

Common Mistakes Customers Make

When me or my staff finalizes the verification of vehicle we always tell our customers the following: "there is only one instruction for you - do NOT sign the bottom of the form". If you look at the VIN verification form you will notice there is a signature line for the customer, however, if you read the fine print, this signature line is ONLY when there is a discrepancy between the VIN number on the vehicles and the VIN number on the car itself. Unless you are specifically told to do so, do not sign this form, otherwise it becomes null & void and we have to re-do the verification of vehicle again.

Another mistake people make is going to their peace officer friends and getting the VIN verification done through them. Technically speaking, according to the form, they can conduct the VIN verification, however, they are not necessarily trained in doing it, so when the form is filled out incorrectly, the inspection has to be redone. By far the individuals in law enforcement that are trained to do this are CHP officers.

How much does it cost to have the REG 31 form completed?

  1. AAA - must be a paying member, roughly $50
  2. DMV - no cost
  3. CHP - no cost
  4. Private vin verifier - our office charges $25 for you to come to our office, and we charge a travel fee if we have to go come to you - the amount of that travel fee is relative to the distance.